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November 13, 2015 • General, Uncategorized

My website is currently under reconstruction – if you would like to get hold of me, please email michelle[at]journoactivist[dot]com or find me on twitter at @mishsolomon. – Michelle Solomon

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Con court ruling against ‘teen sex’ law protects rape survivors’ rights


Last week’s Constitutional Court ruling decriminalising consensual sexual relationships between teens was met with moralising outrage across the country. Sensationalist media fanned the flames of indignation by failing to contextualise the law’s effect on teen sexual relations – including rape.

Under the impugned sections 15 and 16 of the Sexual Offences Act (SOA) teenage rape survivors, especially girls, run the risk of being criminally charged for being raped.

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Freedom House, internet freedom and dataless dark Africa


South Africa is ranked number one for Internet Freedom on the continent, with the status “free” for while Ethiopia was ranked lowest, and “not free” – of the countries counted in the survey by watchdog organisation, Freedom House, last month. However, it noted there were two threats to SA’s “free” status: the Protection of State Information bill (Secrecy bill) and the lesser known General Intelligence Laws Amendment bill.

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Rhodes Confessions page – is this how we want to represent Rhodes?


Since I’m been blamed for taking down the first Confessions page even though I didn’t, I’ll take credit where it’s due and highlight the beyond the pale posts on the new one.

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Under reconstruction


My website is currently under reconstruction – if you would like to get hold of me, please email michelle[at]journoactivist[dot]com or find me on twitter at @mishsolomon. – Michelle Solomon

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Will gov have 58 sexual offences courts ready by September? No.


The South African government’s claim that it will establish 58 dedicated sexual offences courts, to be fully operational by September this year, appears to be untrue. No budget has been announced and there appears to be no clear framework for how the courts will operate.

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90 years of Esterhuizen


My family celebrated my grandmother’s 90th birthday last weekend. Here are some pictures from the monumental event.

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Spargs robbers convicted


TWO members of a six man gang that robbed Beacon Bay’s Spargs Superspar disguised as security guards have been convicted for their “violent” and “well-organised” heist that saw them escape with over R315 000 four years ago.

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The woman who cried wolf – and why we should always believe her


Quite a bizarre exchange has taken place on this website over the last couple of days. I’ve decided to write about it to clarify my stance, as well as to address the immensely problematic issues that have flared up as a result of what went down.

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Payback as Tholeni killer is sentenced to life in prison


FOR five years, Bulelani Mabhayi went undetected as he raped and murdered women and children in a small Eastern Cape village. Yesterday it was payback time for his victims’ relatives when the courts gave him 25 life jail sentences for a crime spree that has made him one of the most prolific serial murderers in… Read More ›

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My experience of white violence #1


The most horrific and violent things that happened to both me and my family were not perpetrated by the anonymous black stranger, not by anyone impoverished or convicted of criminal acts, but by people we knew. Our friends, our family. People who also happened to be white.

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